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Pharmacy inspections

Inspection reports and learning from inspections

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Using contrasting colour background to make the contents of multi-compartment compliance packs more visible for dispensing and checking.

Pharmacy type


Pharmacy context

The pharmacy is on a parade of local businesses. And itis located in a residential area near a town centre.

Relevant standards

  • 4.2 - Pharmacy services are managed and delivered safely and effectively

Why this is notable practice

The pharmacy is finding ways of making the dispensing and checking of multi-compartment compliance packs safer and more efficient.

How the pharmacy did this

The pharmacy had recognised the risks associated with dispensing and checking multi-compartment compliance packs. In particular, it had recognised that checking the number and appearance of mainly white or light-coloured tablets and capsules could be difficult when the transparent pack was placed on a light-coloured surface. And so, the pharmacy team had introduced a black surface on which the compliance packs could be placed. The team found that it was easier to dispense and check individual tablets and capsules against a contrasting background as they stood out more. And team members found that they could identify any mistakes more easily.

What difference this made to patients

Mistakes in the preparation and checking of multi-compartment compliance packs are less likely to occur. And people’s medicines are dispensed safely and efficiently.

Highlighted standards

We have identified the standards most likely and least likely to be met in inspections, and highlighted examples of notable practice for each of these standards; to help everyone learn from others and to support continuous improvement:

  1. 1.1 Risk management
  2. 1.2 Reviewing and monitoring the safety of services
  3. 4.2 Safe and effective service delivery
  4. 4.3 Sourcing and safe, secure management of medicines and devices
  5. 2.2 Staff skills and qualifications