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Pharmacy inspections

Inspection reports and learning from inspections

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We set standards that apply to all registered pharmacies in Great Britain [PDF 986 KB].

We inspect pharmacies to check that they are meeting the standards and providing good and safe care to patients and the public. Pharmacy owners are accountable for making sure that the standards for registered pharmacies are being met every day.

What can patients and the public expect from registered pharmacies?

The standards for registered pharmacies are set out under five principles. We have summarised the five principles and what they mean for you:
  1. The pharmacy must be managed safely and effectively

  • You receive quality services that are safe
  • You can raise concerns about the pharmacy and these concerns will be taken seriously and acted on
  • The pharmacy has appropriate insurance cover to protect you if things do go wrong
  • Information about you is kept safe to protect your privacy, confidentiality and dignity
  • If you are vulnerable the pharmacy team are appropriately trained and know what to do to help make sure you are protected
  1. The staff working in the pharmacy must be competent and empowered to do their roles

  • There are enough staff with the right skills and training to give you safe and effective care
  • The staff will always act in your best interests
  • The staff can speak up when they have concerns and these concerns will be taken seriously and acted on
  1. The pharmacy premises must be appropriate to provide pharmacy services

  • You receive pharmacy services in a clean and safe environment
  • You can speak to the pharmacy team in private if you prefer
  1. The pharmacy must supply medicines and provide other services safely and effectively

  • You get medicines that are safe and good-quality, and get any advice you need to help you take your medicines
  • You have confidence when using any of the services offered by the pharmacy
  • The services provided by the pharmacy are accessible for you
  1. The pharmacy’s equipment and facilities must be safe and effective

  • The equipment and facilities the pharmacy uses to provide its services to you are clean and fit for purpose
  • The staff use the equipment and facilities to help to make sure you receive good-quality care.

For more details about our standards, please visit the Standards section on our main website.

Knowledge hub for the pharmacy team

In our knowledge hub you can find examples of notable practice by pharmacies for key themes, principles and standards, to help promote improvement.

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