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Pharmacy inspections

Inspection reports and learning from inspections

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Westwood Square Pharmacy (1042251)

Inspection outcome: Standards met

Last inspection: 09/09/2020

Pharmacy context

​During the Covid-19 pandemic the pharmacy is mainly dispensing NHS prescriptions and delivering medicines to people at home. It supplies some medicines in multi-compartment compliance packs. And it provides substance misuse services and dispenses private prescriptions. The pharmacy team advises on minor ailments and medicines use and supplies a range of over-the-counter medicines. 

Inspection summary findings

Principle 1. Governance

Standards met

The pharmacy's team members sometimes record and discuss their dispensing mistakes. They review the information to learn from them and manage risks. The pharmacy satisfactorily protects people's personal information and prevents sensitive information being seen by people who are not allowed to do so. Team members know the importance of their role in protecting vulnerable people. They also keep their legal records up to date. The pharmacy does not show that it adequately reviews its working instructions and keeps them up to date. And it is unable to adequately show that its processes and procedures are as safe and effective as they need to be. The pharmacy's team members do not always sign the working instructions, and they can't show they follow safe systems of work.

Principle 2. Staff

Standards met

The pharmacy's team members are suitably qualified for their roles and the services they provide. The pharmacy supports its trainees in developing their skills. It also provides them with regular protected learning time in the workplace to complete training courses. The pharmacy updates the team members about changes to pharmacy services when they arise. But it doesn't provide structured training to help team members continue to develop in their roles after they qualify. Team members support each other in their day-to-day work. They are enthusiastic and knowledgeable in their roles, and they suggest improvements to make services more effective. ​

Principle 3. Premises

Standards met

The pharmacy is clean and hygienic and has suitable infection control arrangements in place. It has appropriate consultation facilities to meet the needs of the services it provides so that people can speak in private.

Principle 4. Services, including medicines management

Standards met

The pharmacy's team members know the importance of making additional checks with people about their high-risk medicines. And when to speak with them about their medicines to help keep them safe. The pharmacy cannot show it keeps its working instructions up to date for the team members to follow. This means they may not be providing the pharmacy's services in the most safe and effective way. The pharmacy stores and manages its medicines appropriately. But it cannot show it receives all safety notices about faulty medicines so it can quickly remove them from use.

Principle 5. Equipment and facilities

Standards met

​The pharmacy has the equipment it needs to provide safe services. It keeps it clean and well-maintained. And it takes sensible precautions to help people use its facilities safely.

Pharmacy details

16 Westwood Square

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What do the inspection outcomes mean?

After an inspection each pharmacy receives one overall outcome. This will be either Standards met or Standards not all met

Met The pharmacy has met all the standards for registered pharmacies
Not all met The pharmacy has not met one or more of the standards for registered pharmacies

What do the summary findings for each principle mean?

The standards for registered pharmacies are made up of five principles. The pharmacy will also receive one of four possible findings for each of these principles. These are:

Excellent practice The pharmacy delivers an innovative service and benefits the whole community and performs well against the standards
Good practice The pharmacy delivers positive outcomes for patients and performs well against most of the standards
Standards met The pharmacy meets all the standards
Standards not all met The pharmacy has not met one or more standards