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Pharmacy inspections

Inspection reports and learning from inspections

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Aktive Pharmacy (9010197)

Inspection outcome: Standards not all met

Last inspection: 13/06/2022

Improvement action plan


Pharmacy context

This is a distance selling pharmacy ( The pharmacy premises are located on an industrial estate and are closed to the public. Medicines supplied by the pharmacy are delivered to people via courier. The pharmacy does not hold an NHS contract. It works with an online prescribing service operated by a company called Pilldoctor, which can be accessed via the pharmacy's website. Prescriptions are issued by a Pharmacist Independent Prescriber (PIP) and most are for treatment of 'lifestyle' conditions such as erectile dysfunction and weight management. The pharmacy also dispenses prescriptions issued by a 'transcribing service' for people who live overseas. Conditions are in place on this pharmacy premises that prevent some services being provided. These conditions were imposed after failings were identified and they remain in force.

Inspection summary findings

Principle 1. Governance

Standards not all met

The pharmacy works with an online prescribing service that is not registered with a UK regulator. But it cannot provide assurance that it is effectively managing the risks associated with supplying medicines prescribed by this service. It has completed some risk assessments, but these do not cover all of its services. The pharmacy often supplies high-risk medicines to people without informing their GP. And it doesn’t always make enough checks to be satisfied the medicines are suitable or follow up with the patients to check how the treatment is working. So, it cannot provide assurance that the medicines are always being used safely.

Principle 2. Staff

Standards met

The pharmacy has enough staff for the services provided, and they receive training for their roles. Members of the team have regular meetings and they are asked for their views about how services can be improved.

Principle 3. Premises

Standards not all met

The pharmacy's website allows people to select a prescription-only medicine prior to having a consultation, which is inappropriate. Some information on the pharmacy’s website and on the website of the associated prescribing service is out of date and inaccurate. The premises are clean and appropriate for the pharmacy’s services. And they are secured from unauthorised access

Principle 4. Services, including medicines management

Standards not all met

The pharmacy's services are not always managed effectively, to protect people's health and wellbeing. The pharmacy is associated with an online prescribing service which regularly prescribes medicines that require ongoing monitoring. But the pharmacy cannot provide assurance that the medicines are always prescribed appropriately, or that they are being used safely.

Principle 5. Equipment and facilities

Standards met

The pharmacy has the equipment and facilities it needs for its services. It uses its equipment to help protect people’s personal information.

Pharmacy details

Unit 37A, Bates Industrial Estate
Church Road
Harold Wood

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What do the inspection outcomes mean?

After an inspection each pharmacy receives one overall outcome. This will be either Standards met or Standards not all met

Met The pharmacy has met all the standards for registered pharmacies
Not all met The pharmacy has not met one or more of the standards for registered pharmacies

What does 'pharmacy has not met all standards' mean?

When a pharmacy has not met all standards, they are required to complete an improvement action plan, which you can find via a link at the top left of this page. We monitor progress to check the improvements are made and inspect again after six months to make sure the pharmacy is maintaining these improvements. A new report will then be published.