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Pharmacy inspections

Inspection reports and learning from inspections

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Williams; J.R.G. (1043214) - Improvement action plan

Standard not met Reason Action being taken by the Pharmacy By when Notification By Pharmacy Improvements Made

Responsible Pharmacist records, records of unlicensed specials and records of controlled drugs are not well-maintained.

RP records,- the five missing records have now been entered on the private prescription book. The pharmacy computer programme provider has suggested that the non-recorded entries may have been due to a loss in internet connection at the time of the login. Hence the RP login record will be checked daily after “signing in”.

Unlicensed Specials,- patient details will be entered from now on.

Controlled drugs,- headings will be filled for each page from now on.

15/09/2021 10/09/2021

The pharmacy does not have a robust system in place to deal with prescription items that are owed to people.

An updated SOP will be written and implemented

15/09/2021 10/09/2021