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Pharmacy inspections

Inspection reports and learning from inspections

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Medina Chemist Netherfield Ltd (1106123)

Inspection outcome: Standards not all met

Last inspection: 22/08/2022

Improvement action plan


Pharmacy context

The pharmacy is in the town of Netherfield, close to Nottingham. It is open extended hours, including late into the evening. And it offers a medicine delivery service seven days a week. Its main services include dispensing NHS prescriptions and selling over-the-counter medicines. The pharmacy supplies some medicines to people in multi-compartment compliance packs. And it supplies medicines to people living in care homes.

Inspection summary findings

Principle 1. Governance

Standards not all met

The pharmacy doesn’t always manage identified risks to patient safety. It does not adequately record and review mistakes the team makes during the dispensing process. This severely limits ongoing learning and it increases the risk of a similar mistake occurring. The pharmacy advertises how people can provide feedback about its services. It keeps people’s private information secure, and it generally maintains all records required by law. Pharmacy team members have the necessary knowledge to recognise and respond to safeguarding concerns. 

Principle 2. Staff

Standards met

The pharmacy has enough team members to manage its workload. It has appropriate arrangements to support its team members learning needs. Pharmacy team members work well together. And they understand how to provide feedback about the pharmacy and can raise a professional concern if needed. But they do not engage in structured safety reviews designed to identify risk and share learning.

Principle 3. Premises

Standards not all met

The pharmacy does not ensure its team members work from premises that are free from health and safety hazards. This is due to clutter in areas of the pharmacy presenting a significant hazard. The pharmacy premises are secure and the team maintains its working areas appropriately, including ensuring its private consultation space is available for people to use.

Principle 4. Services, including medicines management

Standards not all met

The pharmacy does not have adequate, safe provisions to support it in managing its returned and out-of-date medicines. It obtains its medicines from reputable sources. And it stores its stock medicines and assembled medicines safely and securely. The pharmacy team engage people in conversations about their health and their medicines. But it does not always supply information leaflets when dispensing medicines. This may limit the information people have available to support them in taking their medicines safely.

Principle 5. Equipment and facilities

Standards met

The pharmacy has the required equipment for providing its services. It maintains its equipment to ensure it remains fit for purpose and safe to use. And its team members use the equipment in a way which protects people’s privacy.

Pharmacy details

89 Victoria Road

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What do the inspection outcomes mean?

After an inspection each pharmacy receives one overall outcome. This will be either Standards met or Standards not all met

Met The pharmacy has met all the standards for registered pharmacies
Not all met The pharmacy has not met one or more of the standards for registered pharmacies

What does 'pharmacy has not met all standards' mean?

When a pharmacy has not met all standards, they are required to complete an improvement action plan, which you can find via a link at the top left of this page. We monitor progress to check the improvements are made and inspect again after six months to make sure the pharmacy is maintaining these improvements. A new report will then be published.