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Pharmacy inspections

Inspection reports and learning from inspections

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Clear Chemist (1123405)

Inspection outcome: Standards not all met

Last inspection: 05/10/2020

Improvement action plan


Pharmacy context

The pharmacy is located in a unit on an industrial estate in Liverpool. It is a distance selling internet pharmacy, trading as The pharmacy premises are not open to the public. The pharmacy’s main activity involves dispensing prescriptions that are issued by an online prescribing service for patients of Gender GP (‘the online provider’), which is an online clinic that operates outside UK regulation. The online provider is registered as a company in Hong Kong and the prescriptions are issued by a doctor who is registered and based in Romania. Medicines are prescribed by the online provider for both adults and children. Some of the medicines that the pharmacy supplies to patients of the online provider are higher risk, because they require effective monitoring and management. The pharmacy also dispenses approximately 200 NHS prescription items each month and sells a range of over-the-counter medicines. An intelligence-led inspection was carried out which focussed on the services that the pharmacy provides in relation to the online provider. The online provider offers treatments for transgender patients and gender dysphoria. ​

Inspection summary findings

Principle 1. Governance

Standards not all met

The pharmacy is not effectively managing all of the risks involved with supplying medicines prescribed by the online provider.  And the pharmacy team supplies medicines to people without fully understanding how their treatment is being managed. This means the pharmacy cannot provide assurance that the medicines are always safe and appropriate. And it is not carrying out appropriate audits or reviews to make sure that the medicines are being used safely. The pharmacy has procedures in place to help it safeguard vulnerable patients. But they do not always reflect the particular risks involved with the services it provides or the people it supplies medicines to. For example, when supplying medicines for trans-gender health.

Principle 2. Staff

Standards not all met

The pharmacy has enough staff to manage its workload safely. But no members of the team have completed training about gender dysphoria treatments, even though the majority of the pharmacy’s business involves dispensing these medicines. And patients are not usually given advice about the medicines they are taking unless they ask for it.   This means the pharmacy cannot provide assurance that people are fully informed about their treatment. Or that members of the team have the skills and knowledge they need to identify concerns and ensure patients are taking their medicines safely.

Principle 3. Premises

Standards met

The pharmacy premises are clean and tidy and are suitable for the services provided.

Principle 4. Services, including medicines management

Standards not all met

The pharmacy has systems in place to help make sure it correctly supplies the medicines that are ordered on prescriptions. But it has not taken steps to identify which of the medicines it supplies are higher-risk or require on-going monitoring. And it has not put enough safeguards in place to provide assurance that people are being properly monitored and are using their medicines safely.

Principle 5. Equipment and facilities

Standards met

This principle was not assessed because the inspection focused on other key areas.

Pharmacy details

Unit 20
Brookfield Trade Centre
Brookfield Drive Aintree

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What do the inspection outcomes mean?

After an inspection each pharmacy receives one overall outcome. This will be either Standards met or Standards not all met

Met The pharmacy has met all the standards for registered pharmacies
Not all met The pharmacy has not met one or more of the standards for registered pharmacies

What does 'pharmacy has not met all standards' mean?

When a pharmacy has not met all standards, they are required to complete an improvement action plan, which you can find via a link at the top left of this page. We monitor progress to check the improvements are made and inspect again after six months to make sure the pharmacy is maintaining these improvements. A new report will then be published.