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Pharmacy inspections

Inspection reports and learning from inspections

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Avviro Pharmacy (9010245)

Inspection outcome: Standards not all met

Last inspection: 25/08/2022

Pharmacy context

This is a pharmacy that is closed to the public and provides its services at a distance. The pharmacy is in Harrow, Greater London. It dispenses NHS prescriptions, supplies medicines inside multi-compartment compliance packs to residents in care homes and to people in their own homes if they find it difficult to manage them. People can also purchase over the counter (OTC), Pharmacy-only (P) medicines, devices and some medicines for animals through the pharmacy's website This is through a third-party organisation. In addition, the pharmacy supplies medicines against private prescriptions issued by a private online prescribing service.

Inspection summary findings

Principle 1. Governance

Standards not all met

The pharmacy works with a private, online prescribing service which is operating outside of the UK’s regulatory control. It does not have the necessary checks, balances and controls in place to minimise risks to people when medicines are supplied against prescriptions issued by this service. The pharmacy has no specific written procedures for this service to help guide the team. It is unable to demonstrate that it regularly reviews and monitors the safety or quality of the prescribing service. The pharmacy does not effectively safeguard vulnerable people. It unlawfully supplies prescription medicines against incomplete private prescriptions. And the pharmacy has not fully maintained its records for private prescriptions, in accordance with the law.

Principle 2. Staff

Standards met

The pharmacy has enough staff to manage its workload appropriately. And its team members are enrolled onto the appropriate accredited training in line with their role.

Principle 3. Premises

Standards met

The pharmacy's premises are suitable for the provision and delivery of its services. The premises are maintained appropriately. Access into the pharmacy is controlled and the pharmacy is secure when closed.

Principle 4. Services, including medicines management

Standards not all met

The pharmacy is not operating its associated, online prescribing service safely. It has supplied vast quantities of medicines within a short period of time which are liable to abuse or misuse. This includes medicines for long-term conditions that require ongoing monitoring. The pharmacy team carries out insufficient and unsatisfactory clinical checks to make sure that prescriptions are appropriate and safe for people. The pharmacy is not adequately assessing the risks involved when supplying some medicines outside the UK. But it sends medicines to people in the UK, using a suitable and tracked service.

Principle 5. Equipment and facilities

Standards met

This Principle was not inspected on this occasion.

Pharmacy details

108 Pentax House
South Hill Avenue
South Harrow

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What do the inspection outcomes mean?

After an inspection each pharmacy receives one overall outcome. This will be either Standards met or Standards not all met

Met The pharmacy has met all the standards for registered pharmacies
Not all met The pharmacy has not met one or more of the standards for registered pharmacies

What does 'pharmacy has not met all standards' mean?

When a pharmacy has not met all standards, they are required to complete an improvement action plan, which you can find via a link at the top left of this page. We monitor progress to check the improvements are made and inspect again after six months to make sure the pharmacy is maintaining these improvements. A new report will then be published.