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Pharmacy inspections

Inspection reports and learning from inspections

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A.Karim's-Chuckery Pharmacy (1115567) - Improvement action plan

Standard not met Reason Action being taken by the Pharmacy By when Notification By Pharmacy Improvements Made

Confidential waste is not disposed of appropriately and confidential information is not always stored securely within the pharmacy.

A separate bin has been nominated for confidential waste and all confidential waste for the day will be placed into this bin to ensure segregation from normal waste.
At the end of each day or when appropriate, all confidential waste will be shredded and disposed of indicating on the sign in sheet that todays waste has been shredded and by whom.
Weekly audits by SI will ensure the sign in sheets have been signed by member of staff to indicate there has been daily destruction.
Weekly audits of outside bins, general waste bins will be checked to ensure no confidential waste has been placed here and if so then an investigation will be held to find the person responsible for this.

20/01/2020 20/01/2020

The RP log is not properly maintained and CD record keeping is inaccurate.

All pharmacists will be prompted to sign RP log within first instance and all staff have been informed to check the RP has been signed.
Daily audits by SI will involve checking RP log has been signed. If SI, is not in branch, then a picture will be emailed to the SI by a member of staff to provide evidence that the RP log has been signed for the day.
All pharmacists have been informed to enter CD promptly on the day they have been given out and not to be left for the next day.
Only pharmacists are allowed to enter into CD register and have access to the CD cupboard
Daily and weekly audits will be conducted by SI, to check what CD’s have been given out and check against the CD register that this has been entered out.
CD stock balance will be carried out every time a CD is given out to ensure the remaining balance is correct
Weekly regular CD checks will be conducted on a to ensure the register is balanced.

20/01/2020 20/01/2020

Pharmacy staff work in the dispensary without the appropriate training or qualifications for that role.

All staff will have re-assigned roles to reflect what they can and can’t do and some members of staff will be sent on appropriate training to ensure they are fit for their roles.

20/01/2020 20/01/2020

The pharmacy does not have hot running water or heating as the boiler had broken. The office area is unclean and the public toilet is unhygienic.

Gas company has been notified to fix the boiler
A cleaning rota will be established to ensure daily cleaning is performed of all areas of the pharmacy,
The cleaning rota must be signed and daily audits by SI will be conducted to ensure this task has been performed.

20/01/2020 20/01/2020

Medicines are not always secured to prevent unauthorised access and CD discrepancies are not investigated promptly.

All CD’s received will be entered into CD register straight away and placed into safe custody immediately
CD keys will be held by the RP at all times
Any discrepancies discovered will be investigated immediately and reported to SI for further investigations- lead time 48 hours

20/01/2020 20/01/2020